This website will be moving to another
    host in the near future. May take a
    month or so.

    My name is Paul Wallis. My claim to fame is that I have about
    10 million words online, paid for by other people. I work with
    a range of agencies as well as solo for clients of all kinds in
    just about all type of industries.

    I work for various Australian agencies including Web Profits,
    Spotzer, Newsmodo, and Simply Solid Writing in the US.  I
    also work with marketing specialists, social media specialists
    and a wide range of professionals seeking content creation.

    I work in Canada, Australia, the US and Europe, depending
    on the client. You name it, I've probably written about it.

    If you need help with content, I'm your go-to guy.

    Do you need help with:

    •        New content for websites

    •        Updating and upgrading website content

    •        Damage control on existing content

    •        Content compliance with Australian consumer law

    •        Advertising copy

    •        Translating difficult content in to “consumer speak”  
    language for your site users

    •        Specialist content

    •        B2B content

    •        SEO and Google SEO rules compliance

    •        Meta

    •        Creative content

    •        Social media content

    •        Journalism

    •        Books and e-books

    Do you want:  

    •        More user engagement and better UX?

    •        More effective content?

    •        More enjoyable, less cluttered content?

    •        A straightforward, fast way of getting your content
    written when you need it?

    •        Some help with creating a simple, easy to access range
    of information for your clients?

    Browse the site and see some of my work and ideas for yourself.
    Consider some of the copy hints on the Copy Advice page.  Give
    me a call and talk to me about your needs. I'll be happy to provide
    any guidance and help you require.

    Contact me: See the Let's talk business page for contacts, rates,
    and fees. I'm prepared to negotiate fees, but need a figure to work