Agency subcontracting
and freelance work
    If you’re looking for a copywriter/content
    creator/writer for agency work, I can do anything
    you need done.


    •        Copywriting including major brands
    •        Ghost writing
    •        Rewrites
    •        SEO
    •        Social media
    •        Creative writing
    •        B2B writing
    •        Web pages including landing pages
    •        Sales copy
    •        Product copy
    •        Commercial blogs
    •        Marketing materials
    •        E-books
    •        Client contact/accounts
    •        Product and industry expertise
    •        Journalism

    Turnaround is the name of the game,
    and it’s what I do best

    Deadlines are sacred. I know that. So do you. We
    agree. When you need copy work done fast, I’m the
    guy you need. My average turnaround time is 24
    hours, including high volume copy.

    My terms

    I’m prepared to negotiate contract and budget
    rates, (to a point) but no time wasters, penny-
    pinchers or motormouth industry jocks, please.

    Contracts are entered into and subject to applicable
    Australian laws.

    Payments must be on time, in full and in accordance
    with contract amounts payable.

    Copyright- I retain copyright of materials until
    payment is cleared.

    Non-payment means I retain ownership of the
    copyright materials.

    I will enforce my copyright ownership directly with
    those parties/agency clients using the copyright
    materials in the event of non-payment.

    I sincerely hope nobody in the advertising industry
    needs to be told what any of that means, or why I’
    ve included these terms here.

    I’ve only ever needed to enforce my copyright
    once, resulting in the taking down of a large
    amount of materials posted online and some
    bruised egos, but that’s the bottom line.

    I prefer to do business with industry professionals,
    and I expect professional standards of business
    conduct and respect.

    These terms are not negotiable.

    The good side of working with me

    Apart from that informative little ray of sunshine- I
    love writing, I love new products and new ideas,
    and I’m very much an ideas person, like 24/7/365.

    I respect talent, and I respect intelligence. The
    people I want to do business with are leaders and
    innovators, not lost, resentful office boys and
    boring vegetative executive loudmouths living off
    the talents of others.

    If that’s you, I’ll be happy to talk to you anytime,
    maybe even about business.

    Paul Wallis