Friends and clients
The best relationships in any business are
friendly and productive.  I'm happy to say
these are a few of my friends:
ATDEC Australia and US- Major distributor of
visual display mounts. Some of my work with
here. See (US) for some
of the world's most innovative products in visual
displays. Great, responsive and very efficient
people to do business with.

Activplus Exercise Physiology- Physiological care
services. Jeff's an expert, thinks like an expert,
and is easier to work with than he thinks he is,
see below.

Melanie Clark- Market analyst/ problem solver/
information management and research expert,
and one of the best (and most competent) people
to work with imaginable.

Digital Infusions- Social media business
integration, the science of making social media
work for business. This is truly interesting work,
and I had a ball working with Scott's fascinating

Henry Habgood- Simply Solid Writing, NY- A hard
working New Yorker with a workload which would
worry an elephant and a really nice guy to work

Jeffrey Goyen, Activplus Exercise

Paul Wallis has been known to me for in excess of
twenty years as an author, wordsmith, social
commentator and citizen journalist.

In addition, he has completed a number of requests
for construction and completion of articles to assist
my business interests in the areas of marketing and
motivation, including his excellent advice and ideas
on construction of the articles, including valuable
input as to content and idea development to fully
‘flesh out’ undeveloped ideas that I had submitted to

I found that he was exceptionally able to take a raw
idea or rough points that I had given him to consider
and then the finished article or articles he returned
to me were extensively developed to the extent that I
more than received value for money for works
completed by him for me.

Paul was very able to amend ideas at short notice
and his quick and broad thinking and extensive
research enabled him to produce a range of
options for each request that I made to him.

His delivery time for requested work was quick and
I have no hesitation in recommending him for any
writing or commentary or critical thinking/ analysis
or journalistic type of work as his mind is very adept
and open to a broad range of ideas, his research is
excellent, and writing is his passion as well as
being his line of work.

He also writes extensively for ‘Digital Journal’ on a
host of topics which are always thought provoking,
as well as being entertaining and well thought out.
If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.

Jeffrey Goyen
M.App.Sci (ExRehab ) CertOccRehab Cert
Workplace Ergo Assessment

Activplus .com
As you can see, I work with some pretty interesting people.  Doesn't
matter how esoteric or complex your line of business, I can help.

Contact me anytime on our services page, I'm happy to assist.
Henry Habgood

Speaking as someone who has
spent almost a decade producing
and distributing content, I can
honestly say that Paul does
excellent work that I am proud to
use every day. Not only is he a hard
worker, but he really understands
the nuts and bolts of what it takes to
produce good content.

The other thing that really sets Paul
apart from the rest is his attention to
deadlines and quick turnaround
times. When I have a job that needs
to get done quickly, I know that the
best way to get it done right is to
contact Paul. Once you see his
work, I guarantee that you'll feel the
same way.

Scott Ward, Digital Infusions

The team at Sydney Media Services were
brilliant. Within no time at all they were able
to define our audience and create a unique
brand voice that appealed directly to our
demographic. Not only was the team
throughly professional and a joy to work with,
they were genuinely interested in the work we
did and the content they were writing; it made
a great difference."