How about not boring people
to death with your ad copy?
How about not boring people to
death with your ad copy?

There is nothing more annoying than a boring ad. Dull,
uninteresting copy is a surefire guarantee of lack of
interest. You couldn’t sell sex in a jail with some copy.

Let’s clarify something:

The average consumer is basically a bill-paying
machine. A person who’s just waved to their money as
it went sailing majestically over the horizon needs to
be persuaded to buy anything.

They don’t need to be bored to death as well.

To get interest, you need to be interesting.

Dull is dull.

How many ads for various types of appliances have
you seen where you get all the desperately needed
news about specifications, dimensions, etc. and
absolutely nothing about the actual product?

No setting, just a picture in a blank background.  It’s
about as exciting as a supermarket shelf. No particular
incentive to buy.

Talk about entertainment. It’s not.

Can you make something like that entertaining? Yes.
You can write a novel about it, if you know how, maybe
even turn it into a good movie, but you can’t do it with
dry, dull facts.

Say you’re advertising baked beans.

How do you make entertainment out of that?

…With a good presentation, a story line and a narrative.
You include, miracle of miracles, a bit of creativity.

There’s a million ways to make anything with a name
interesting, it’s simply a matter of improving the image
and making it worth reading.  


The easy way to avoid boredom is humor. Forget the
“corporate look”, fun is fun, and fun sells a lot better.

What’s wrong with cheering up your customers?
Humor also gets people thinking. You have to think to
be interested in anything, let alone interested enough
to buy something.

If ads are boring enough, people won’t even care what
they’re looking at. They may not even remember what
they saw.  Add a joke or several, and they remember it.

The moral of the story

Dull is death.

Be factual, be fun, be silly or sexy, but never be dull.

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It won't be boring, I promise you.
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