How good ad copy gets you more business
How good copy gets you more business

Most businesses, particularly in the trades and professions,
have a problem. They don't even know they have this
problem. Their problem is that they're experts in their fields.

Experts speak a different language to other people. The
people reading their ad copy and information are usually

As a commercial writer, I find that a lot of my work is acting
as an interpreter for experts. This role doesn't mean
dumbing-down ad copy or web content.

It means translating the value of these businesses and their
expertise into practical commercial propositions for clients.

In many cases, business clients know exactly what they
want, and they're highly receptive to new information in their
areas of interest.

These clients are in many ways the ideal subjects for
advertising copy. They appreciate the value of the
information your business provides, particularly if that
information includes new technical information or useful
commercial values for them.

It's fair to say that:

Advertising copy is the beginning of the dialogue between
businesses and their clients.

This is the information base which attracts clients. It needs
to correctly represent the values of the business, while
simultaneously providing a "How To" range of values and
supporting information for clients.

This information needs to be accurate, interesting and
correctly reflect the commercial values of the business.

The simple fact is that most customers form an impression
of a business by looking at its advertised content. This is a
sort of "character reference" for the business, as well as
hard information.

Clients are encouraged by understandable advertising, clear
dollar values, and useful information.

They're discouraged by too-technical detail, off-topic
information, and "unfriendly" information.

While targeting your advertising certainly does deliver
exposure, you need to remember that the
type of exposure is
extremely important.

Your advertising copy must hit targets. It must appeal to
customers, it must show commercial value to customers,
and above all, it must encourage customers to approach you.

The "corporate" approach only works to a point. Advertising
does need to state basic terms of sale and legal
considerations. The problem is that advertising or web copy
comprised of nothing but legalistic jargon is hardly

Good advertising copy delivers a positive image, combined
with real practical values.

This really is a "trust thing", particularly online.

For people to be prepared to do business with you, they
need reassurance. They need to see a friendly, receptive
business, and that's what really translates into sales.

Your advertising copy provides a positive expectation to
your customers. That expectation also translates into an
expectation of service.

For instance:

Which businesses do you prefer to do business with?

Obviously, these businesses provide you with good
information, the right quality of service and the dollar values
you want.

That's exactly what your advertising copy needs to show
your clients.

For professionals, this may involve very high standards of
information. At expert level, client standards are much
higher, and quality of information needs to be that much

For B2B advertising, for example, you need to speak the
language of business, both your own and that of your
clients. Consider for a moment what would happen if your
advertising didn't show the right business values. It couldn't
work, at all, in terms of attracting business for you.

These are basic principles of good copy:

Your advertising is your primary business image for your

Send the right message and you'll get the response you want.

If you'd like to discuss your advertising copy requirements,
talk to me, I'll be happy to help.