Let’s clarify- What commercial
content and copywriting is all about

I’m a pro writer. I have millions of hits. I write for top commercial
agencies on a contract basis, as well as my own business. To me,
commercial writing is all about getting hits and conversions.

The basics

People need information. Most people spend a lot of time every
day online trying to find it. They’re fussy about what they read.

They don’t want to read boring, same-old stuff that tells them the
same things as articles they’ve already read. In many cases, they
want the exact opposite- Another view, with different information.

Consider your own reading habits:

•        Do you read entertaining, informative materials that give
you the information you need? Of course. Why wouldn’t you? It’s
better material, better structured, and more interesting.

•        Do you read materials which look like they’re recycled
versions of articles you read years ago? No, of course you don’t.
Why would you? You already know nearly all of what you see.

•        You’re right, by the way- A very large amount of the stuff you
read online is rewritten, not new or anything like new.

I should know. If I want a laugh, I use Copyscape to see who’s
publishing and republishing my stuff. It really is funny, reading
painstaking recitals of information I wrote years ago.

I’ve also been asked regularly to rewrite materials which could be
best described as “funerals with hyperlinks”. The rewrites have
been invariably 100% rewrites. The only materials they have in
common are names and nouns. Clients were desperate to put
some life back in to these content corpses, with good reason.

The fact is that people don’t waste their time on uninteresting,
turgid copy.

Nor should they- They’re not really getting any information from
this tedious retro-babble.

Now consider reader needs, in context with your
own business:

•        What’s worthwhile information, from your business

•        Is it revenue-related, product-related, etc.?

•        Do readers need insights into values for them regarding
your business?

That’s what commercial content writing is all about- Making the
connection between your business and reader needs.

The bottom line here is that unavoidable word,

•        If you engage with reader interests, you sell.

•        If you don’t engage, you don’t sell.

When you’re hiring a content writer, check out their materials.
Have you seen it all before? So have your customers. It can’t sell,
because they won’t bother reading it.

Hire a writer who delivers proven reader values, and your
content will deliver.

If you need help, or someone to rescue you from
underperforming, dull, lifeless content, talk to me. I’m happy to
help, and I can promise you, I do understand the problem.