What's wrong with your ad copy?
What’s wrong with your ad copy? I’m not

If you’ve noticed the buzzards gathering around your ads,
it’s not accidental. The silence says all you need to know.

Let's start with some basics:

Ad copy is also a form of “news”. If the news isn’t "new",
not news. It’s ignored.

The best use of ad copy is in conjunction with a sales
drive. This
is news for viewers, and that’s extremely

Customers don’t need to look at what they’ve seen before.

They’ve already made up their minds about older material.
If it’s new, they’re naturally more interested. They may also
become customers because your ad copy has hit a chord
which has created more interest, not merely restated the

Your business, in effect, has been re-evaluated, purely on
the basis of new information in the form of ad copy.

Consider a big department store. Their “news” is about
their prices.
Everybody reads those ads. They have a lot of
news, too, so they won’t be ignored.

I really don’t want to belabour the obvious here.

The “news” for your business needs two things:

News value: This is something genuinely new that your
customers and clients will be interested in.

Real value: Something of clear dollar value to them as

Ad copy can be written like a press release, and often is. I
should know, I’ve written a lot of them.

There is another side to this.

    Hard sell copy is very useful, provided it’s
    newsworthy, not merely "aggressive", which can
    annoy people.

    People don’t need to be told you’re trying to sell them
    something. That’s not exactly a mystery.

    They do need to know what sort of values you’re
    offering them.

    Show added values, in particular, and you’ll definitely
    get interest.

    You can sell very competitively, provided you’re being
    actually competitive.

This is also how you take market share from competitors,
giving better deals and preferably discounts, free stuff, etc.
Keep an open mind on promotional options and you’ve
got ready-made news for your customers.

You get attention because you deserve attention.  
If your ad copy’s not delivering, you need new copy and
probably reworked basic copy.  

If your business is B2B, in particular, you’re not hitting the
targets. There’s a way of hitting B2B squarely where it
matters to your client base.

If you’re in products or services, your ad copy needs more
life in it. Something isn’t clicking with your customer
demographic. It’s quite possible to revive this endangered
species with a different approach.

If you want help, talk to me. I can fix whatever’s ailing your
copy and give you a few ideas for future moves, too.
Copyright Paul Wallis 2013 All rights reserved