Let's talk business
My rates:

$110 an hour


A negotiated rate based on a flat fee

A negotiated rate is a simple dollar figure. We
can stay inside your budget easily.  

How we do business:

I issue an invoice for the work, either per piece
or on a regular basis if you prefer.

Payments can be made by direct deposit or
PayPal, which is my preferred option.
Let's Talk Business

I can work with or without a contract. The only stipulation is that when
working without a contract,
I retain ownership of all materials until
payment is made.

If you need a hand and advice about your copy and content, I  charge the
same fee for consultations as for writing copy.

The big advantage of consultation is that we can carry out a thorough
evaluation of your needs and brainstorm to generate the best ideas for
your ad copy and other materials.